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Work-Life Balance

Within the First Year: The early days of one’s career in private practice poses its opportunities and challenges. United Urology Group and its practice affiliates focus heavily on onboarding so physicians have resources to confidently begin or continue their careers. We work hand-in-glove with physicians on:

  • Referral management
  • EMR navigation
  • Surgical mentoring
  • ASC scheduling
  • Billing and coding

Continued Support for Experienced Physicians: United Urology Group wants physicians to start and end their careers with our practice affiliates. We consider each physician as a key member of the “United Urology Group family.” As such, our organization invests heavily in the key areas that support physicians’ day-to-day activities to improve work-life balance, engagement, professional growth and effectiveness. Some of those investments include:

Urology-Specific Ambulatory Surgery Centers: One of our organizational goals is to ensure that urologists have access to urology-specific ASCs. Access to these centers has improved patient satisfaction and surgery scheduling, as well as physician access and productivity.

Clinical Support: The success of physicians is dependent on the depth and breadth of the clinical team’s capabilities. United Urology Group identifies and trains staff on urologic coding, workflows, and procedures. In addition, our affiliated practices often utilize physician extenders (APPs) to improve patient outcomes, scheduling, call management, and work-life balance.

Hospital Coverage: Unlike other practices across the country, the business model of our affiliated practices is not predicated on widespread call coverage. As such, we support our affiliated practices in seeking hospital partners with which to work collaboratively. Long-term, this places less stress on the physicians and their work-life balance.

Patient Assistance Center: United Urology Group’s Patient Assistance Center (PAC) supports affiliate providers 24/7.

Administrative Responsibilities, Billing, and Coding: Administrative functions are supported by the management services organization. This places less pressure on physicians to perform everyday administrative or managerial tasks. These operational resources are readily available and accessible.

Physician Liaisons: Physician Liaisons play a unique role within the United Urology Group organization, providing high-level customer service to United Urology Group affiliated physicians and external referral sources. They help with everything from introducing new doctors to referring sources, to ensuring that patients referred into affiliated practices have a seamless experience.