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  • Melissa Mendez, MD

    "I joined Chesapeake because of the support and resources that have allowed me to develop the subspecialized practice that I envisioned. From marketing to the Patient Assistance Center, you are taken care of."

    - Submitted by Melissa Mendez, MD
  • Mark T. Edney, MD, Chesapeake Urology

    "The United Urology Group MSO has taken over all of the things that have been challenging about urology practice - handling all IT work, the hiring and retention of employees, the payroll, etc. United Urology handles all of this so that our physicians and advanced practice providers can show up to work and take great care of patients knowing that we have the support of all of these functions."

    - Submitted by Mark T. Edney, MD
  • Timothy J. LeRoy, MD, Tennessee Urology

    “We were trying for years to get a surgery center together and weren’t able to do so. After only two years with United Urology Group, we have a highly efficient surgery center, with well-trained staff and the best equipment in town which benefits not only our surgeons but our patients as well.”

    - Submitted by Timothy J. LeRoy, MD
  • David Cahn, MD, Colorado Urology

    “In my case, I was faced with a large university system, multiple hospital groups, and insurance groups that were potentially limiting my ability to practice the type of medicine I wanted to practice and the growth of my practice. United Urology provided the resources and facilitated the integration with other urology groups such that we’ve been able to create a practice in the Denver metropolitan area that brings in all these ancillaries and growth that I couldn’t achieve by myself.”

    - Submitted by David Cahn, MD
  • Brett Winship, MD

    "I joined Colorado Urology because it offered the freedom and camaraderie of a small practice. Being integrated into United, I also gained the resources and leverage you usually only see with a large group or academic practice."

    - Submitted by Brett Winship, MD
  • Jack Grinnan, MD

    "Working for Arizona Urology Specialists has allowed me to provide the highest quality of care in an enjoyable and supportive environment. Private practice to me provides the best opportunity to care for a large community and to develop relationships with my patients on a personal level."

    - Submitted by Jack Grinnan, MD